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History of the granary

The granary bears the name of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I (Frantisek Stepan, the Duke of Lotrin, 1708-1765), husband of the Czech and Hungarian queen Maria Theresa (1717-1780). Even as the young Duke of Lotrin, Frantisek Stepan showed extraordinary talents in the area of commerce. Thanks to the inheritance of his cousin Anna Maria Luise Medici, he was able to invest and create numerous manufactories (ceramics and the production of cotton fabrics). He soon took over all the supplies to the Habsburg army, founded several banks and lent his private finances to the Austrian State Treasury. Maria Theresa gave him the financial administration of the Habsburg state in 1763. The granary, in which Hotel Lotrinsky is located, was built in 1780 as what was known as a contribution granary, where the natural goods from the whole Pavlovic domain were stored. Around 12,000-14,000 measures of grain could be stored in the granary.

From modern history, the year 1993 should be mentioned, as on July 28, at around 8 p.m., a fire broke out in the roof of the granary. There were 18 fire brigades on-site, and the damage reached 1.5 million CZK; a roof area of 1400 m2 burned down completely.